Kitesurfing complete course



Over complete kitesurf course programm, you will learn everything that is necessary to practique kitesurf on your own, totally safe and firmly.   It means, all the skills required to continue riding independently and resolving by yourself the common situations in kitesurf  ( relaunching kite, recovering board and self-rescue skills ) . Getting a correct basis from the beginning and in this way, your kitesurf days will get a speed rate of increase, progression , safely and fun.



  • Knowledge of wind theory
  • Set up of the kite.
  • Equipment familiarisation and know how to use the safety systems.
  • Get good control of the kite on sand
  • Launch and land the kite on land.
  • Theory and simulation of self rescue.


  • This day you will practice in the water all the exercises learnt  on the land
  • Downwind body dragging
  • Upwind body dragging
  • How to relaunch the kite from the water.
  • Self-rescue skills on different situations.


  • Waterstart exercices
  • Bodydrag with the board to get used to control the kite with one hand while carrying the board with the other.
  • Recovering your board
  • Basic board starting
  • You will start to stand up on the board .
  • Riding a few meters on the board
  • 2 hours training kitesurf  independently with school equipment where you  put into practique all knowledge learnt.
  • Learning to live with kitesurf community and kiters riding you around. Rules of sailing to kitesurf. Rights of way in the sea. Care of environment and modus operandi to reduce  environmental cost ( larger shelf life of your equipment , reclycling, … )


DURATION: 12 hours INCLUDESQualified instructors with high experience10 hours lesson 2 hours free time practicing with our kitesurf equipment while instructors are supervising youAll equipment ( kite, harness, safety systems, bar, boar, helmet, lifejacket, leash, wetsuit)Accidents insurance

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